Our Mission

OCDC is a community-based organization addressing the integration, education, health, housing, social services, culture and economic development needs of African Canadians & other immigrants in Canada through programs, services and advocacy.



Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all activities and relationships.


Demonstrating empathy, care, and understanding towards those the organization serves and interacts with.


Dedicated to fulfilling the organization’s mission with perseverance, determination, and reliability.


Valuing teamwork, partnerships, and inclusivity to achieve shared goals and maximize impact.


Taking responsibility for actions, outcomes, and the prudent use of resources, and being answerable to stakeholders.


Embracing creativity, adaptability, and forward-thinking approaches to address challenges and drive positive change.


Supporting and empowering individuals and communities to reach their full potential and participate in decision-making processes.

Diversity and Inclusion

Respecting and embracing diversity in all its forms, fostering an inclusive environment, and promoting equity and justice.


Promoting practices that ensure the long-term viability and impact of the organization, including environmental sustainability, financial stability, and organizational resilience.


Striving for excellence in all aspects of operations, programs, and services, and continuously seeking opportunities for improvement and growth.


Standing up for the rights and interests of the communities served, working to address systemic issues and create lasting change.

These core values serve as guiding principles that inform the OCDC culture, decision-making processes, and relationships, ultimately contributing to its effectiveness and impact in fulfilling its mission.


“Empowering The Community To Overcome Barriers”

OCDC is a bilingual non-profit organization founded with the mission of impacting the lives of immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean. The organization has been working to provide educational, social, youth, and senior services to BIPOC residents of the Peel Region and GTA at large. Through our work and the support of our volunteers, OCDC has been able to expand its services and the population in which we serve. The organization continues to expand its reach and meet the needs of our community. Our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion is vital to empowering our community to reach new heights.

OCDC offers exceptional cultural, educational, recreational and social programs and services. It is the home of cutting-edge educational programs reaching people in the community.

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Services Provided

The strategic goals of OCDC are catering to the needs of people of African Canadian descent based on our mission, focus areas, and the communities we serve.

Empowerment and Advocacy

To empower individuals of African Canadian descent by advocating for their rights, addressing systemic inequalities, and promoting policies that advance social justice and equity.

Education and Awareness

To increase awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by people of African Canadian descent, including issues related to racial discrimination, economic disparities, health disparities, and cultural identity.

Community Development

To foster the development of strong and resilient communities by providing resources, support services, and opportunities for economic and social development.

Cultural Preservation and Celebration

To celebrate and preserve the rich cultural heritage of people of African Canadian descent, including their traditions, languages, arts, and history.

Health and Well-being

To promote health and well-being among individuals and communities of African Canadian descent through access to healthcare, health education, and programs addressing specific health disparities.

Economic Empowerment

To promote economic empowerment and financial independence through job training, entrepreneurship support, access to capital, and other economic development initiatives.

Leadership Development

To cultivate leadership skills and empower emerging leaders within the African Canadian descent community, fostering their ability to advocate for change and serve as role models.

Collaboration and Partnership

To collaborate with other organizations, institutions, and stakeholders to leverage resources, share best practices, and maximize impact in addressing the needs of people of African descent.

Research and Data Collection

To conduct research and collect data on issues affecting people of African Canadian descent, informing evidence-based solutions and advocacy efforts.

Sustainable Growth and Impact

To ensure the long-term sustainability and impact of the OCDC’s work by building strong organizational capacity, diversifying funding sources, and continually evaluating and adapting strategies to meet evolving needs.




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